Learning Habits in Music

Below are two of the most important learning habits for all musicians. That means everyone. We are all musicians, we just have to act, and think, like musicians.

Active Listening

We all listen to music, but listening like a musician a little different.

Put simply, active listening means all you are doing is listening.

No distractions, no multi-tasking, just listening. Focussing solely on the music you hear. This allows you to hear more, form opinions, and increase your understanding, whatever your musical experience.

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Deliberate Practice

When practising a musical instrument (or any skill), it is important to know the difference between normal practice and deliberate practice.

Deliberate practice:

  • is specific and focussed, with a clear goal in mind
  • conducted regularly
  • focussed on the very edges of your ability

If you want to get better, don't just repeat songs you like, or things you can already do. Focus intently on improving a specific thing. It helps, trust us. Watch the video on the left to find out more.